3 Tips to Consistent Putting

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Being a consistent putter is something everyone should strive to be. If you can make more putts and limit your three-putts, you will have a lot more success posting lower scores. These three tips will help you get there!

1. Confidence

When you make a stroke with your putter, there should never be a doubt that the ball is going in the hole. Never question your ability to make a putt. Everyone has the strength and coordination to get the ball to the hole on the putting green, which means anyone can make a putt. The most straightforward solution to gaining this confidence is to PRACTICE! Don’t just hit 30 footers on the putting green before a round, make as many four and five footers as you can. Allow your mind to see the ball go in the hole, time, and time again.

2. Alignment

Alignment is arguably the most important fundamental in golf, especially with putting. After you have visualized the line to roll the ball to the hole, set up parallel to that line and allow your arms to make a smooth, unmanipulated stroke at the ball. Doing this will significantly increase your chances of imparting a true roll on the ball, therefore giving the ball a better chance at finding the bottom of the cup.

3. Routine

The best putters in the world stick to a steadfast pre-shot routine. They relish in the process. Do you make two practice strokes before every putt? Do you make those practice strokes behind the ball or to the side of the ball? Do you read your putts from behind the ball or from behind the cup? It doesn’t matter what you choose to do; what matters is that it stays consistent. Having a pre-shot routine gives you something familiar and comfortable; it can calm your nerves and allows you to pull the trigger.

Putting is possibly the hardest part of the game because of all of the variables that go into it. Don’t beat yourself up when you miss a putt, you might have made a perfect putt, and the ball hit one blade of grass that pushed the ball off-line. Understand that you can only control the process, not what the ball does after it makes impact with the putter face.


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