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Bo started teaching in 2013 at Devil’s Thumb Golf Course in Delta, Colorado. Giving a mix of group and individual lessons, he was able to have the opportunity to get to know the people he was helping and created some life-long relationships. Bo believes that his knowledge of the golf swing came from “learning by fire.” He would spend days and days on the range, teaching himself how to hit particular shots and then take mental notes to remember the cause and effect that the club-face imparted on the golf ball. Conversations with the “old codgers” over a beer and a hot dog after a round of golf helped him understand that all players had a different “feel” of the golf swing. After realizing that feels in the golf swing vary from player to player, he started to pay more attention to what his clients were feeling rather than what they were doing. His teaching montage now is, “if you can feel it, you can fix it.”

After spending two years at Devil’s Thumb, Bo moved to Lewiston, Idaho, to take the role of Assistant Golf Professional at Lewiston Golf and Country Club. He spent more time giving lessons and growing relationships during that time to help fine-tune his instruction skills. Again, two years later, he made a move to Spokane, Washington to teach and run leagues at Esmeralda Golf Course. In January of 2019, Bo accepted the Lead Instructor and Assistant Golf Professional position at The Creek at Qualchan Golf Course in Spokane. He doesn’t see the two-year trend staying with him this time. He loves the atmosphere of the Club and has had tremendous success helping players with their games and growing a network of friendships. 


Bo dreams of playing a minimum of one PGA Tour event in his career and spends time every day working on his game. Below, you will find notable wins and finishes in his career. Results prior to 2019 have been hard to find but are out there somewhere. 


  • 2015 IEPGA Chapter Assistants – Champion
  • 2017 IEPGA Circling Raven Pro Am – Champion
  • 2018 IEPGA Hayden Lake CC Pro Am – Champion
  • 2018 IEPGA Esmeralda GC Pro Am – Champion

Top 5 Finishes

  • 2019 IEPGA Pro-Am at Circling Raven Golf Club – T2
  • 2019 IEPGA Pro-Am at Indian Canyon Golf Course – T3
  • 2019 IEPGA Pro-Am at Twin Lakes Village Golf Course – T5

Top 10 Finishes

  • 2019 IEPGA Pro-Am at Avondale Golf Club – T7
  • 2019 IEPGA Pro-Am at Deer Park Golf Club – T7
  • 2019 IEPGA Pro-Junior at Esmeralda Golf Course – T10

Personal Life


Bo is typically recognized as having more energy than his counterparts and it can be seen through his non-stop lifestyle. Having this amount of energy helps him keep up with his family that is spread throughout Colorado and Pensilvania. His parents reside in Cedaredge, Colorado (hometown), his oldest brother lives in Denver, CO with his wife and three daughters, and his next oldest brother lives in Philidelphia, PA with his wife, two daughters and a son. Bo has considered his family and his family to be the reason for any success he has had in his life. They have always been there to encourage and inspire him to pursue his dreams as a Golf Professional. 


Christianity has always been a part of Bo’s life. He currently attends Summit Church in Spokane, WA, which is part of the Four Square community. His hope of following Jesus is to be an encouragement to anyone whom he comes in contact with.


Invite Bo anywhere, and you’ll see that he is always ready to have a good time. His extroverted personality leads him to be with other people… most of the time! He enjoys grabbing dinner with friends, traveling, dancing, fly fishing, and playing golf as much as he can. As you can imagine, this kind of outgoing personality can make clients feel comfortable and at ease during a golf lesson. When he has extra time outside of work, family, his faith, and fun he likes to write blog posts in his Lesson Journal


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