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Don Bourassa, Student

“My wife and I scheduled a golf lesson with Bo. This was our first time with a golf pro so I was curious as to whether a golf lesson would make much difference in our games. After our first lesson, we both decided that we should schedule the three-pack because of our initial experience. Bo has a wonderful teaching style that emphasizes what you do correctly and at the same time provides very useful insights through suggestions and demos of how you might improve. Very low key, but very effective. We both feel strongly that we have both improved over the course of Bo’s tutelage. Coupled with his personality and knowledge of the game, Bo is quite adept at moving you toward the correct way to swing a golf club. If you doubt Bo’s ability as a golfer, have him hit a few shots to demonstrate the proper technique – you will be impressed. He is an exception to the saying that “those who can’t do, teach”. Don’t get upset, I am a retired teacher/professor and I never was a fan of that saying. I rarely write reviews of anything, but Bo is a rare exception. I recommend Bo unequivocally if you would like to improve your game.”

Josh leech

“If you are serious about your equipment and game (and since you are here I’m assuming you are) then you need to read this review. Real quick, I am an 8 hcp that reads and studies more about equipment, fitting and new tech than probably 95% of any recreational golfer. I am VERY particular about my clubs and where I am fitted. My last set of Taylormade irons were fitted by a top 100 fitter in Brookfield CT. They changed my game but I have since outgrown them. Now, I took 5 lessons from Bo (which was a whole different game changer for me) in 2017 and quickly realized Bo’s gift o teaching and his understanding of ball flight and the effect equipment plays. After multiple conversations and some Q&A with Bo I knew he would be the one I trusted with my new irons. The entire fitting was really an incredible experience. His patience and reassurance during the fitting really helped me relax. It can be a bit unnerving to have someone watch and analyze your swing. But Bo was amazing. The end result was a set of irons that are so perfect for me they just feel like an extension of my swing. I really wish I had done this earlier. If you are on the fence about getting fitted because you feel like you aren’t a good enough ball striker, than you are exactly the person that needs to be fitted. Look at it like this, if you were to buy a suit that looks like it fits but you because it’s your size but you didn’t try it on, how well do you think it would fit? Now have a tailor take every measurement and build a suit exactly for your body. Which one do you think is going to fit better? It’s the same with golf clubs. Anyone serious or wanting to get serious about getting better needs to be fitted. It’s just a fundamental of golf. And if you are getting fitted you need to see Bo. And then of course you can thank me later!

Marian Menke

“I have played golf for many years with very bad habits. A group of us started taking lessons from Bo Baker from a recommendation of a friend in Clarkston. I am “chipping” away at these bad habits with Bo’s help!!..He is very professional and makes golf fun to learn. We are so happy we found him!”


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