Operation 36

Operation 36 Junior Golf Academy Overview (ages 7-17)

Junior golf lessons are provided for those that are 17 years of age or younger. Kids that have a desire to learn more about the game are always welcome to join the fun at the academy. The academy utilizes the Operation 36 curriculum to administer a fun and positive learning environment. This curriculum comes with a mobile application that will help students track their goals and progress, and give them a way to learn outside of class via video explanations.


Unlike the traditional learning style of learning to hit the big shots first, we start the kids at the green adn work back to the tee box!


The Operation 36 Player Development Model helps us to keep up with a players progress and make sure they are on track to get where they want to be. 

How Parents Can Be Involved

parents can help

  • Encourage your junior golfer.
  • Track their progress on theOperation 36® Mobile App.
  • Motivate them with curriculum objectives.
  • Let them go at their own pace.

Learn the game

  • If you don’t golf, that’s okay.
  • You can still help your kids learn the etiquette and rules by going through the division written tests with them.
  • Watch the videos on the App with your kid(s) and become familiar with common “golf lingo”.

Spread the word

  • By telling others about your kids progress, you help them find friends that want to golf.
  • If you refer a student to the program, we will give you a 10% discount on your monthly fee!


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