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As some of you know, working as an Assistant Golf Professional has its highs and its lows. I’ll give you a reminder of the highs first. Playing a lot of golf – recreationally and competitively, meeting and building relationships with people that you would normally never associate yourself with. My personal favorite, getting to hear the legendary tales of some remarkable individuals. Obviously, there are a lot more highs to the job but these are what I consider to be the “ripe fruits” of my labor. Today, I broke away from the front counter to go play a recreational round. After walking out of the Pro Shop to go to the putting green, I crossed paths with a fellow that was headed to the first tee. As an Assistant Golf Professional, I’ve always had a hard time shutting off the “customer relationship” side of my brain. I asked the man that I was currently crossing paths with if he had a playing partner. Quickly, he recognized me as the “Pro” and quickly stated, “I don’t know if you want to play with us, we (he did have a playing partner) may hold you back”. After hearing this, I quickly accepted his friendly invitation to the first tee. Every time I play golf with people I don’t know, good players, average players, or poor players, I am consistently reminded of how fun the game of golf is. Here I was with two people I’ve never met in my life. Somehow, some way, it seems as if I had known them both my entire life. We had a fantastically fun front nine and enjoyed each others company. Perhaps, getting along with people on the golf course that you don’t know is easy because you have one thing in common. Golf. After teeing off on #11 and walking down the middle of the fairway, one of my playing partners gave me a great reminder. A reminder of something that would be good to share with anyone who has lost their spark for the game. He said “When you are a beginner it’s really easy to look back on a great shot and recall it, it’s exciting. I’m finding that the more I play the more I only remember the bad shots and forget about the good. It sure is a lot more fun to think about the good shots.” Wow, isn’t this a great reminder? I know my game would improve. Remembering the good shots after can only increase your confidence. In conclusion, next time you finish a round of golf, do as my new friend from above does. Continually remember the shots that keep you coming back for more, the good shots. Furthermore, attempt to remember the shots that dare you to become a better player tomorrow than you were today. Write them down and journal them so you can look back one day and remember it exactly how it happened. Most of all, keep striving, keeping dreaming and keep loving the game. Don’t forget my ground rules, please! Cheers -BB


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