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Player Profile Application

Thank you for your interest in taking lessons, and an even bigger thank you for taking an interest in the game of golf. If you would, please fill out the application below so I can have more information about your game and personality. This player profile should only take around 5-10 minutes to complete  Having this information will help me to better cater to your need(s) and help you with your game!


PLAYER Profile

What is your average score on 18 holes?

How many rounds per month do you play?

How many years have you been playing golf?



Have you had any golf instruction in the past?

Choose your common miss

If the ball never flew straight, would you want it to draw or fade?

Are your clubs fit to you?

Please choose the top three clubs that you want to get better with:

Please Choose three shots that you want to get better at:

Please choose the top three playing surfaces that you want to get better at hitting off of:

Please choose the areas that you have pain, if any:

Do you stretch before you practice and play?


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