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Welcome to Bo Baker Golf!

Welcome! This is a blog about golf and how to get better at it. You will read about and learn about all different aspects of the game. This will include:

  1. Consistent contact – so you stop hitting it like an uncoordinated fool.
  2. Mental Game – while there are a lot of approaches to the mental game I believe in a simple idea, target target target.
  3. Equipment upgrades – Some swings just need a little extra help.
  4. Rules – to achieve lower scores of course!
  5. Etiquette – just so you aren’t THAT guy or THAT girl.
  6. Golf Apparel- let’s be real… Not everyone can look as good as some, but it doesn’t hurt to try.
  7. Lingo – so you CAN be the person everyone wants to play with not because you are the best, but because you are the funniest worst player on the course.
  8. Practice & Drills – do you think Jack won 18 majors just by being gifted? Was he gifted?  He was, but that gift didn’t develop itself.
  9. Competition – it’s a GAME for Pete’s Sake… Play to WIN!
  10. Miscellaneous – This leaves me room to share information about my playing career, and whatever else comes along our journey.

This may seem like a small list of things to talk about, but let’s be honest… we are golfers and the story ALWAYS gets bigger and better, just like your drives are going to get after following this blog.

So who is this guy that promises to tell you the little secrets of the game? I am Bo Baker, an Assistant Golf Professional in Spokane, Washington at a small muni by the name of Esmeralda Golf Course. I love to play and teach the game, but most of all I love the memories that the game creates. Hopefully, you and I can walk through this journey together and create some of our own memories. After all, without memory, how the heck can we develop a golf swing?




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