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To keep your game in shape, winter time putting drills are a must. Some, including myself, lack the ability to retain their putting skills during winter. Just because I’m not like Tiger Woods circa 2002 and I’m really more like Ernie Els at the masters in 2016, doesn’t mean I can’t work to be a great putter. 


Keeping your head down can be a struggle for anyone who has tried to successfully play the game. Here’s a great drill for the off-season. Go through your pre-shot routine and address the ball, now make a stroke and leave your head down while you count down from three to zero. Don’t look at the result of the putt until you have finished counting down to zero. If you need something to focus on after the ball leaves the putter, then place the ball on top of a coin and continue to look at the coin after the ball has left the face of the putter.


When you’re standing over a putt, do you ever feel like you’re standing in a canoe that’s afloat a white-capped body of water? Your legs are shaking, you feel as if you are floating in the air because you can’t feel your feet and all you want is for things to feel normal? That is how pressure putts can feel when you have a two-foot putt on #18 to win the match for your side.
To simulate this pressure during practice, buy a pool noodle from Amazon, or your local Walmart, and place it under the center of your feet on a hard surface. Take your stance and focus on your balance. Feel your knees tremble, your toes curl, and your weight rock back and forth from your heels to your toes. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds. Now, step off of the pool noodle and let your feet become connected with the ground again. Make a normal putting stroke. Feel the difference? Do this ten minutes per day and you’ll start making that two-footer more often than not!



No matter what, as long as you are getting a putter in your hand during the off-season, you will be ahead of most. Just remember, the goal is to always pursue your max potential. Not the potential of others. Be patient, be determined, and most of all… be a player.

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