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The adult coaching programs offered by Bo Baker are unique in style and challenge players to reach goals and see improvement. Bo doesn’t believe in the “quick fix” or “quick tip” philosophy of golf instruction. He holds players accountable to following a detailed practice plan and holds himself accountable to providing players with results instead of time.

Step 1: Personal Interview

Schedule a time to sit down with Bo and discuss where your game is at, how good you want to get, why you want to get there, how committed you are to your goal, and when you want to start.

TIME: 30-minutes

Step 2: Sign Up

 After you’ve had your game evaluation and set your goals, it’s time to sign up for a program. Some people only need a month, others need more. We accommodate every situation and try our best to find a time that works for you. 

Step 3: Game Evaluation

All new players are required to go through a 9-hole game evaluation so we can get to know you, create a personalized plan, and help you find the best program for your needs. 

TIME: 2-Hours

Step 4: Create a Plan

 Having a plan is essential for long term success. The days of taking 1-hour golf lesson are over. Our programs are designed to give you a detailed roadmap to reach your goals. 

Tailored practice plans utilizing Google Sheets

Supervised practice sessions

Private lessons

On course sessions

CoachNow Mobile Application

Step 5: Stay Accountable

 Have you taken a golf lesson before and then never heard anything from your coach after that? We make it a point to check in with you outside of the lesson tee by utilizing the CoachNow mobile application to stay in touch and make sure you’re getting the practice and instruction you need to succeed. 

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